Opencart Defender - Full Security and Firewall

Opencart Defender is providing an advanced security system to secure your website from all types of attacks, the module is doing the following:

  • Firewall at top level code: it is executing before any other component of your website, so even if there is a breach in your website Opencart Defender will block them before they can reach the target
  • Block SQL attacks: efficient and powerful SQL injection blocker
  • Block XSS/JS attacks: Javascript and Cross Site Scripting is blocked too
  • Block script vulnerabilities: hackers generally have bots crawling website to find scripts with known vulnerabilities, the module will detect that and block
  • Block admin page research: the hacker bots are also searching for the admin page, in order to try to know on which system they are so they try various ones
  • Block sub website research: another thing they search is for development website that could be in a sub-folder of your website, these can have basic password and be easy to access
  • Block backup file research: they try to find any backup file that could contain database or useful information, this is blocked too
  • Hacker bots protection: and also protection against several types of attempts to crawl website or scan for breaches
  • Optimized performance: the module is focused on performance and efficiency, there is no slowdown when activated
  • IP ban system: if any attack is detected, the corresponding IP will be blacklisted and blocked from accessing the website, this will spare resources consumed by hacker bots, and prevent from any other hack attempt

The blacklist is stored in a file, so it's possible to remove an IP if for some reason there was one incorrectly added there.

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Opencart Defender - Full Security and Firewall

  • $80.00